Russia-backed militants fire over 60 mines towards Vodyane – Colonel Lysenko


Mariupol sector accounts for two thirds of the attacks made by Russia-backed militants over the last day. Russia’s proxies use 122-mm artillery across the entire combat zone. More weapons and vehicles are sent in to the occupied areas from Russia. 

Kyiv, October 12, 2016. Most complicated situation in the combat zone is observed in the Mariupol sector. Combat actions started there at 9am, reported Colonel Andriy Lysenko, Ministry of Defense spokesperson on ATO related issues, at a press-briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. Geography of combat actions expanded – ceasefire was violated in Taramchuk where Russia-backed militants were actively using mortars and armored vehicles. “In the evening after 11pm the enemy’s mortar team deployed to Zaichenko fired over 60 mines towards Vodyane. It is the most powerful and intense attack registered over the last day,” noted Colonel Lysenko.

Russia’s proxies started massive attacks from heavy weapons upon the positions of Ukrainian troops between Talakivka and Shyrokyne. Several strongpoints of Ukrainian troops came under fire. “Adversary is not saving the ammunition – over 120 mines and shells were launched upon Ukrainian positions over the two-hour attack. Later between 3pm and 7pm occupants made an even more powerful attack having launched over 200 mortar mines and 122-mm artillery shells,” the ATO spokesman noted. Yesterday turbulent situation was also observed in Krasnohorivka and Maryinka where militant mortar attacks restarted and snipers were firing. Absolute majority of these incidents took place during the day time. Ukrainian troops returned fire a number of times. A total of 34 militant attacks took place in the Mariupol sector over the last day, 19 of them were made with the use of heavy weapons.

Smallest number of militant attacks was registered in the Donetsk sector similar to the previous days. Still the situation in the sector remains turbulent. “Thus, ATO forces came under hostile sniper fire in Novhorodske. Militant group members used 122-mm artillery in Avdiivka. It was calm at the Svitlodarsk salient, in Zaitseve and at the Donetsk airport yesterday,” ATO spokesman noted. A total of three attacks took place in the Donetsk sector yesterday, one of them was made from heavy weapons.

Five flights of militant unmanned aerial vehicles were registered in the combat zone yesterday, one of which took place in the Donetsk sector and four in the Mariupol sector.

In Stanytsia Luhanska of the Luhansk sector ceasefire was not holding even for a week – yesterday Russia-backed militants fired yet again upon Ukrainian positions from the opposite side of the Siversky Donets river. Active combat actions were also on in Popasna area. A series of militant attacks started at around 6pm and lasted until the late evening. After 9pm militant group members started using mortars having fired several dozens of mines upon Ukrainian positions. Ukrainian troops returned fire. Militants made a total of seven attacks in the Luhansk sector over the last day, one of them included the use of heavy weapons.

Ukrainian troops incurred no casualties over the last day, four servicemen were wounded in action. Confirmed militant losses include one killed in action and one wounded in action.

Colonel Lysenko said that another supply for militants came in from Russia. “Two Grad systems, three infantry fighting vehicles, six cisterns with fuel and lubricants as well as three railway cars with unidentified cargo arrived to Sverdlovsk railway station. Six cisterns with diesel fuel and two with fuel were brought to Khartsyzsk railway station,” noted ATO spokesman.

Ukraine’s Security Service detained a dangerous militant nicknamed “Phil”. “Person in custody was fighting on occupants’ side in Sloviansk, Savur Mohyla and later in the Mariupol sector starting from 2014,” said Colonel Lysenko. Ukraine’s Security Service staff detained the militant while he was conducting reconnaissance activities of Ukrainian positions in the Mariupol sector. The so-called military enlistment certificate (military ticket) issued by the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” was seized from him.