Kyiv hosts a conference that offers analysis of secondary education in Ukraine compared to Lithuania and Sweden

The conference gathers all parties of the education process to learn about foreign expertise in education and re-evaluate the role of teenager in the society.

The conference “Transformation of Education: on the way to peace and social changes in Ukraine”, held October 28-29, gathered a range of stakeholders. This was reported by Kateryna Yasko, director of the project “Social Integration through Development of Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Mediation Skills in Eastern Ukraine”, head of the Board of educational initiative “Vidkryta Khata” at a briefing held at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “School principals, teachers and representatives of the education system, parents and businesses, as well as children attended the event,” she noted. Social dialogue has reached that level when people speak to the state on equal terms in the time of crisis, which Ukraine is living through. “Countries like Lithuania and Sweden could be a very good example of how we should build our work,” added Ms. Yasko.

Anastasiya Nekrasova, founder of the “Laboratory for Sustainable Development”, general director of “Intelligent Mindsets” (Sweden), informed that currently, children from six Ukrainian cities are staying in Sweden. They have a chance to see and experience the principles of their schools to realize that “what we are dreaming of, is possible,” she emphasized.

“During the meeting with the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ms. Grynevych outlined the problem of violence in schools,” informed Sergiy Chumachenko, co-founder and director of “Team Expert,” author of educational initiatives for children and adults. This problem cannot be considered in isolation from the ideology of the state and values in general. “The whole approach (practiced in Sweden – UCMC) aims to ensure that at the end of the 9th grade a student should be able to be the partner of the citizens and the state,” he stressed.