Colonel Motuzyanyk: Ukrainian Armed Forces incur no casualties in combat yesterday


 Militants conducted 17 attacks in the Mariupol sector yesterday, involving heavy armor as well as unmanned aerial vehicles and electronic warfare systems in the Mariupol and Donetsk sectors.

. Ukrainian Armed Forces incurred no casualties in combat in the last 24 hours, informed Colonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on ATO related issues at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Krymske was the main flashpoint in the Luhansk sector. Militants conducted two mortar and two artillery attacks there yesterday. “Moreover, the armistice was violated in two villages on Siverskyi Donets riverbank in the vicinity of Shchastia – in Nyzhnioteple and Lopaskyne,” said Col. Motuzyanyk. The ceasefire held in the Popasna district yesterday. In total, nine militants’ attacks took place in the past 24 hours yesterday, and four of them involved use of heavy armor.


Intense firefights between militants and Ukrainian troops continue in the Avdiivka industrial area in the Donetsk sector. Russian-backed militants launch almost 40 mortar shells at Ukrainian positions. “Moreover, militants’ attacks took place in Luhanske, where an armored personnel carrier was used. A mortar attack took place in Verkhniotoretske and at Butivka coal mine position,” said the spokesman. Ukrainian troops actively respond with fire. In total, ten militants’ attack took place in the Donetsk sector yesterday, and five of them involved use of heavy armor.

Number of militants’ attacks reduced in the Mariupol sector. The situation is the most difficult in Shyrokyne. Moreover, three mortar attacks   took place in Krasnohorivka. “In addition to that, militants violated ceasefire in six more Ukrainian defensive localities,” added Col. Motuzyanyk. In total, militants conducted 17 attacks in the Mariupol sector yesterday, and five of them involved use of heavy armor.

Three flights of militants’ unmanned aerial vehicles were registered in the Mariupol and Donetsk sectors. “Moreover, the adversary is using artillery reconnaissance and GSM communications surveillance complexes in the Mariupol sector,” added the spokesman.

Officers of the Security Service of Ukraine found four weapons caches in the ATO zone. According to Col. Motuzyanyk, the caches were set in Lysychansk and Starobilsk district in the Luhansk region and in Bakhmut and Mariinka districts in the Donetsk region. “In total, they seized two artillery missiles, five grenade launchers, three anti-personnel mines, an anti-tank mine, seven grenades, 99 rocket-propelled grenades, two kilograms of plastid and over four thousand cartridges of various calibers,” he informed.