Ministry of Defence: Armed Forces of Ukraine switch to NATO training standards and implement Striker program


Currently, the Armed Forces are using 655 NATO standards and regulations and 961 national standards of training.

Since May last year the combat battalion group of airborne troops has been undergoing training under the Striker program as a part of training system reform in line with NATO standards. Since mid-November a pilot project of operational coordination of the Ukrainian units has been realizing in one of the mechanized brigades. The training is based on standards harmonized with NATO standards. This was stated by Col. Dmytro Gutsulyak, Ministry of Defence of Ukraine spokesperson, during a briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “One of the main areas of training under NATO standards is training of Ukrainian instructors with the participation foreign experts. Currently, 862 instructors of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have undergone this training,” he informed.


A group of British experts, which is currently assessing the work of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, has called the agency a leader among the Ukrainian authorities in implementing the internal audit system. “The British experts have noted its work on transforming the internal audit aimed at achieving the compliance with international standards and best global practices. This work will result in switching from control and auditing to an entirely new activity status – the internal audit of The Ministry of Defence in line with international standards,” noted Colonel Gutsulyak.


The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine continues to develop the Doctrine of using the Armed Forces of Ukraine as well as other military formations and law enforcement bodies. “The documents are based on NATO standards and the experience gained during the anti terrorist operation. All in all, 49 legislative, regulatory as well as guiding and methodical documents have been developed,” noted the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine spokesperson. Currently, the Armed Forces are using 655 NATO standards and regulations and 961 national standards of training.


According to Colonel Gutsulyak, the intensity of military exercises has increased over the last two years. “During 2013-2014 brigade tactical exercises were not conducted at all, whereas 15 exercises were conducted in 2015, and 20 exercises – in 2016,” he explained. This year 200 battalion tactical exercises and 190 operational trainings will be conducted. “The experimental combat training BARS is used widely. Since September 2016 cadets of the Odesa Military Academy, Kharkiv National University of the Air Force, and the National Academy of the Army Ground Forces have been undergoing training under this program. From September to November the first training courses for BARS instructors were held at the Odesa Military Academy. Besides, BARS training will start soon in the training centers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” informed Dmytro Gutsulyak.