Educational project “School Angels Ukraine” to help schoolchildren discover success stories – founders


An educational platform “School Angels Ukraine” has been launched in Ukraine. This is a website for schoolchildren and teachers through which they can get in touch with successful people. Those experts who want to share their success stories with schools can create their profiles there. The project is aimed to help the schoolchildren to keep aware of tendencies in the contemporary world, said Oleg Derevianko, education & culture figure, founder of Personal Leadership Institute, former Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “This educational project responds to the needs of the 21st century where things change every day, when new professions emerge while others disappear. We still have no answer how to reform our educational system for that it could respond to current challenges. What our schools need most of all is to keep pace with change. At present, they stay far behind,” he elaborated.

“We will come to schools to bring change. We will not use such forms of activity as lessons, instead, there will be trainings, discussions and lectures,” said Anna Sushko, coordinator of the initiative, specialist in marketing and project management. The topics of the activities will vary from history and art to business and technologies. “Schools are very open to cooperation, they are ready to discuss every topic you may offer,” she added.