Two and a half thousand residents of Avdiivka received humanitarian aid – Iryna Perkova

UCMC correspondent reports from the war-torn Avdiivka where the situation escalated on January 29 following militant attacks. Concerns were voiced as to the humanitarian situation in town.

Assistance in action

It is quite calm in Avdiivka today. Already two and a half thousand people have received assistance at the Khimik stadium. Seven tents by Ukraine’s Emergency Service and one by Caritas Ukraine were installed there. Hot meals, medicine, coats and bottled water were distributed. It is also possible to charge cell phones on the spot. It was reported by phone by Iryna Perkova, coordinator of the Mariupol Crisis Media Center at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “Military have deployed field kitchen facilities, they are cooking porridge and giving out fish to people. They used their food reserves to cook yesterday, today charity organizations have brought more. Food and hygiene sets are provided to people, one per family,” Perkova said. Gas supply is available almost everywhere, water is supplied several hours per day.

Problems that remain

There is still no centralized energy supply in town. Windows are subject to biggest damage. Medicine is also in need, sedatives in particular. People with cardiovascular diseases have experienced certain escalation of the problems they are suffering. Catching a cold came as a result of extremely low temperatures.


One hundred and forty nine people who wished to leave the town have been evacuated. There will also be buses available today for those who want to leave. “There is no panic in the city. Surely, everyone is nervous but there are no conflicts, children are playing snowballs and residents are keeping their spirits up,” Iryna Perkova reassured.