Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Ukrainian Institute is aimed to represent Ukraine abroad


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine initiates foundation of Ukrainian Institute as a public institution with offices in various countries to represent Ukraine abroad. The aim of the Institute is to contribute to better understanding of what contemporary Ukraine is and to promote trust to Ukraine among intellectuals and culture actors. “It will form the image of Ukraine – what is Ukraine for ordinary Dutch, Greeks or Brazilians, what it is identified with, and, of course, promote practical advantages of Ukraine as a country for tourism or investments. It will contribute to our integration into international context of culture and art, as well as education, science and many other fields,” said Pavlo Klimkin, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.
The Ukrainian Institute will be a public institution affiliated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but formally its activity will not be regulated by the convention on diplomatic relations. It will be financed both from the state budget and grants or charitable donations. Its areas of activity will encompass cultural diplomacy, so called “creative economy”, education, science and public diplomacy. The first offices will be opened in the “key” counties, in the North America and in Europe.

Directors of the Ukrainian Institute will be elected through open competition. The director will be not simply manager, but also “creative director”. The Institute’s work will be based on the principles of transparency, openness, professionalism and inclusiveness. “All proposals and products suggested by public or non-governmental sector will be considered in common discussion between all the stakeholders – professionals, experts in education, science and culture, civil society representatives,” Pavlo Klimkin noted.

Control on the Institute’s activities will be ensured by a Supervisory Council, represented by art experts and cultural figures. “Neither the Ministry of Foreign Affairs nor the Ministry of Culture will have the right of veto there. We will not be able to block a decision or prescribe what the content produced by the Institute should look like. This is the main novelty,” noted the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Draft Statute of the Institute will be published on the MFA website today. “We would like everyone who cooperates with us – the public sector, the civil society, professionals and  businesses, join their efforts and participate in creation of the Institute,” Pavlo Klimkin noted. “Now we would like to start fruitful discussions”.