Ukrainian media digest for July 1, 2014

Ihor Kolomoysky considers Medvedchuk’s appointment as the head of Donetsk regional administration as the last change to avoid a full-scale military operations in the Donbas. Oleksandr Tkachenko, the director general of the 1+1 media holding owned by Kolomoisky, reported this on his Facebook page. Tkachenko said Kolomoisky had described Medvedchuk’s appointment as the last chance to establish peace in the Donbas.
Grigory Ioffe will leave his post as the first deputy head of the Crimean State Council as he has been elected as the head of the Crimean Public Chamber. “Today I will sign my resignation, but this decision should be approved by a session. It is up to the session, when and how this question is to be discussed, I will follow the law,” Ioffe underlines. He also informs he will suspend his United Russia party membership.
Following the NSDC meeting, Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko made a decision to terminate the unilateral ceasefire regime in the Donbas. The statement has been published on the official web-site.
Victor Medvedchuk could be appointed as the head of Donetsk region, and Nestor Shufrych – as the head of Luhansk region. People from Kolomoysky’s circle had been widely spreading this version, even Kolomoysky himself supported this idea thoroughly. The rumors haven’t ceased even when Medvedchuk stated he had no ambitions to govern the region.
It is assumed that Andrey Pavelko will gain the post of the head of Zaporizhzhya region.
Leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic think it would be efficient to put local enterprises, whose authorities deny to cooperation with DPR, under Republic’s administration to pay taxes into the budget, Donetsk Republic chairman Denis Pushilin informs the journalists at the press-conference.
The deputy governor of Dnipropetrovsk region Boris Filatov accused Communist party of being “the fifth column”, which openly supports separatists. Filatov also tells about relationship between Dnipropetrovsk state administration and MP Oleh Tsaryov.
The head of Donetsk Public Council Vladimir Zemlyankin expresses his concerns over termination in financing the social payments in Kramatorsk, Slavyansk and Sniezhne in his letter to region’s governor Serhey Taruta. The Public Council demands to change the situation for the better.
Donetsk governor Serhey Taruta thinks Petro Poroshenko should make some changes in security services.
Iryna Sekh says she won’t change her decision to leave the post of the head of Lviv regional administration.
The situation in Donetsk and Luhansk regions despite a temporary truce has become more tense, as militants try to switch their terroristic attacks to other regions, as Kharkiv region.