Ivah Honchar Museum presents Ukrainian Easter traditions in a beautiful short video

National Centre of Folk Culture “Ivan Honchar Museum” made a beautiful video about pysanky. Pysanka is Ukrainian Easter egg, an absolutely unique cultural creation. It is striking in its elegance, perfection and wealth of compositional variations, ornamental elements, and motifs. On the eve of Easter, Ivan Honchar Museum presents this animated video to tell you about pysanky of different historical and geographical regions of Ukraine. The video features pysanky replicating the ones from Ivan Honchar’s personal collection compiled between mid-1950’s – late 1980s. Pysanky were reproduced by the employee of the museum, pysanka artists Larysa Holovnia & Nadiia Bilotkach. Ivan Honchar’s stock collection of pysanky includes 392 pieces.

Video: courtesy of National Centre of Folk Culture “Ivan Honchar Museum”
Photographer: Asha Kora
Video: Ivan Tereshchenko, Yulia Novoseltseva
Music: The Doox

Ivan Honchar Museum was founded in September 1993. Its aims are to help revive national culture, promote ethnic consciousness, and preserve and develop the best traditions of Ukrainian folk art. The Museum is founded on the collection of Ivan Makarovych Honchar (January 27, 1911 – June 18, 1993), who was a prominent statesman, scholar and artist. In the 1960s his collection served as an alternative to the then official ideology and helped spark a renewed interest in national culture.

Ivan Honchar
Ivan Makarovych Honchar (January 27, 1911 – June 18, 1993) – renowned community and cultural activist, talented sculptor, painter, graphic artist, and self-taught ethnographer and collector of Ukrainian folk art and culture. Founder of his own private museum for his collections. Member of various Ukrainian artists associations. Recipient of numerous national medals and awards, including Ukraine’s most prestigious Taras Shevchenko National Award.

Presently Ivan Honchar Museum is developing along lines envisioned by its founder. It is a varied complex consisting of: a museum of exhibitions and displays, research center, laboratory for national song, art school for children, and specialized publishing house.

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