Organizers and participants of #FeelSafe Eurovision project: It is not about heroes, it is about stories of interesting and happy people

A photo exhibition #FeelSafe opened in front of the Ukrainian House in Kyiv. “Its protagonists are doctors and patrol police officers, firefighters and rescue workers – those who maintain order and safety on a daily basis. These are 19 photos of professionals who are responsible and confident fulfilling their duties. These people secure our safety 24/7. They have their faces and their stories, and they serve as sentinels of peace day and night. Guests visiting Ukraine should see the changes that took place, that police provide any necessary support and assistance,” said Anastasiia Dieieva, Deputy Minister of Internal of Ukraine during exhibition opening.

The pictures were taken in different locations, in stages: at horse-course, in hospital, at fire station. “It was one of the most seamless and pleasant photo shoots in my life. It’s very easy to take pictures of a person when they are talking about their thing, their job they love. In this case, the photo shoot will be sincere. I was shooting the truth and wasn’t trying to romance anything,” said the #FeelSafe project photographer, Oleksii Chariei, sharing his impressions. “Heroes are common people, they have their interests and deep inner world. These people are not in quest of themselves or in search of happiness, they’ve already found it and they’re happy. […] They are extremely emotional, wise and agreeable people, and they were easy to work with,” added Kateryna Senchenko, #FeelSafe project photographer.

The project organizers aimed at showing and telling actual stories: how horses are trained and then get into equine patrols, how a surgeon performs a surgery to familiar popular tunes of Eurovision winners, for instance, ABBA songs. “Music helps to heal both children’s and adults’ hearts, so I’m grateful to musicians for their efforts,” says Kostiantyn Rudenko, chief cardiologist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, protagonist of the #FeelSafe project.

Yevhen Mamushkin, a policeman and protagonist of the #FeelSafe project, believes ordinary citizens should see and understand what the work of State Emergency Service, patrol police, and similar agencies consists in. They should understand there are various units, each of them having its tasks and duties, and all of them are equal parts of the society. “We are close by, and we are ready to come to the rescue at any moment. Both Ukrainians and our guests should remember there is someone to take care of their safety,” emphasized a policewoman Anna Khyzhniakova, protagonist of the #FeelSafe project.

The exhibition is displayed in the open and will run through May 14.

#FeelSafe is a joint project of the Project Office at the Ministry of Internal of Ukraine, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, companies СFC Consulting, Republic, UCMC and Ukrainian House dedicated to Eurovision 2017.

Photo content is available here.