There are no grounds to question the results of the vote for NABU Public Control Council – conclusion of NABU

There is no evidence of any external interference or systematic abnormal packet voting for 15 candidates elected to the NABU Public Control Council. These are the results of the analysis of Internet voting. “There is a big gap between the first places and the following candidates who passed. The difference between 15th and 16th seats is 2303 votes. Between 1st and 16th – 4,000 votes. This is a rather serious gap, which indicates, at least, one thing – it is quite difficult to make such a gap artificially”, – reported Roman Maselko, chairman of the Public Control Council at NABU, during a press briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

The analysis of stages of the vote showed some technical problems. The latter was caused by exceeding the limits on the use of services and overloaded SMS-delivery platform of telecommunication services provider. “Altogether 17181 votes were cast during the voting time. This is twice as many as last year. […] The official conclusion of NABU is that there is no reason to say that any technical problems might have influenced the voting process. Therefore, there are no reasons to question the results of the vote”- said Mr. Maselko.

“Among the top 10 sources which re-directed people to the voting platform, 55% belong to Facebook”, – said Mr. Maselko. “All 15 persons elected to the Council were recommended by certain public organizations. More than half of the votes were re-directed from Facebook. In general, public organizations, that have posted these recommendations, have more than 200 thousand subscribers. Therefore, it is nonsense saying that the 2.5-3 thousand gap is artificial”, – added Artem Lahutenko, a member of the Public Control Council at NABU.