Expert survey: Decentralization reform and the launch of e-governance are considered to be the most successful achievements in the regions 

The most successful reforms in the regions of Ukraine are decentralization reform and the launch of e-governance. The least successful is judicial reform. Andrii Yeremenko, founder of the research campaign “Active Group”, announced these results of an expert survey at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. A total of 400 experts from all regions of Ukraine took part in the survey. Based on the results of the experts’ responses, three reform ratings were constructed: according to a general assessment, the assessment of the effectiveness of reforms at the national level, and at the level of individual regions.

The introduction of e-governance is the leader in positive assessments. “In fact, this is the only reform that is considered successful. However, very different things are understood under e-government: e-documentation, electronic appeals of citizens, automation of processes in the civil service,” noted Andrii Yeremenko.

Speaking of the results, 54.2% of respondents consider decentralization reform to be effective at the national level, 49.1% it to be implemented more effectively locally than nationwide. “Among the positive aspects are increased funding for urban programs, infrastructure development, improved communication, new participation programs, allocations to public organizations,” said Mr. Yeremenko. Among the negative aspects of the reform, the respondents noted intensification of power contest and the inability of city authorities to effectively spend the money received.

The law enforcement system reform ranks third in all ratings. “It receives the most of the favorable and unfavorable comments. 30% of respondents consider it to be the most useful for its sector, but 19.1% also believe it to be the least useful,” noted Andrii Yeremenko. Three-quarters of respondents believe that the creation of a patrol police has brought the most benefit. Among unfavorable comments made by the respondents are the following: “only the facade has changed”, the lack of professionalism of the new policemen, the old staff are being returned through the courts or otherwise.

The judicial reform has received the lowest ratings. According to the experts, it is due to the fact that the courts are overworking, and they are short of judges.

Almost 79% of the experts said that the change of the electoral legislation is the driving force of the reforms. “First of all, we must start with the way in which the electoral process takes place, how transparent it is. Therefore, for the reforms to be properly implemented both at the local and national levels, based on the polls as well, we decided to collect signatures for the petition to the Verkhovna Rada and the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the inevitable punishment for violation of the electoral law,” informed Oleksandra Skyba, deputy chairman of the “Republic” Institute. A campaign to collect 10,000 signatures to the petition began at the end of October in 21 localities.