Up-to-date equipment presented to Lysychansk museum

On December 5, Lysychansk Local History Museum (Peremohy avenue 94) was presented with technical equipment worth of UAH 200 thousand (approx. $7,400). The event also saw the presentation of the concept for educational workshops at schools “Museum Laboratory”.

The number of guests far exceeded the number of seats in the premises. However, the guests did not remain seated for long. Leonid Marushchak, curator of the Arts Department of Ukraine Crisis Media Center, head of the project “Under construction: Museum open II”, spoke about the experience of using similar equipment during the project’s first stage in 2016.

The equipment presented to the museum included the following: a quadcopter, photo and video camera, projector, laptops, tablets, printer, e-microscope, and a series of other up-to-date gadgets. The museum will use the equipment to set up the “Museum Laboratory” that will hold educational and research activities as well as work with the schools of the region. First events will take place at schools and in the museums of Lysychansk, Rubizhne, and Sievierodonetsk by mid-December this year.

The participants of the presentation were able to test the equipment in action, except for the quadcopter, as its use in the near-front zone requires a special permission that the museum will later receive.

Nina Bondar, director of the Lysychansk Local History Museum, and its staff thanked the Arts Department of Ukraine Crisis Media Center – organizers of the second stage of the project Rediscovering Eastern Ukraine Heritage – “Under construction: Museum open II” implemented with the financial support of “Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative” (UCBI II), funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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Photos: Vyacheslav Nepran.

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