Ukrainians Experience a Flash of Civic Consciousness – Ruslana Lyzhychko


Kyiv, July 22, 2014. “Russia got hooked up on propaganda needle,” said the singer and public activist Ruslana Lyzhychko (stage name Ruslana – Ed.) during her briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. The event began with a moment of silence for the victims of the Boeing-777 plane crash on July 17.

Ruslana suggested that modern Russian propaganda was a destructive social phenomenon that en masse caused the tragic events in eastern Ukraine since its goal was to shape a Soviet-style person who does not need alternative sources of information. Ukrainians, however,  have come to create their own information content and actively convey truthful information first-hand to the world through social networks, noted the activist. Ruslana mentioned that she was initiating the creation of the information resource to counter Russian propaganda, which would be based on the People media principles -providing just facts without analysis and subjective judgment.

Ruslana emphasized that Russian citizens continue to live in a parallel reality invented by Putin. This propaganda appeals to the darkest corners of a human soul and this infuriates religious groups all over the world. Yet, since it is lavishly funded “the Russians are starting to believe their own lies, same as it was in Nazi Germany,” said the singer. However, Russia does not have a positive constructive idea to build upon, therefore the Maidan (rebellion of people – Ed.) on the Red Square is inevitable, said Ruslana.

During the press briefing, she presented numerous examples of Russian propaganda that were used to conceal the connection between the terrorists and the downing of Malaysian airliner. Meanwhile, she emphasized that because of the MH17 tragedy which was immediately cought by the media the mass murder of civilians in Luhansk  have gone unnoticed. Those civilians were shot by the terrorists to confirm their own lies. However, “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed,” Ruslana cited the Bible.

She also mentioned that the Ukrainian community abroad conducted funeral prayers for the victims of MH17 flight in many countries – the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, France, Great Britain, Canada, Brazil, the United States, etc. During the briefing, the singer also presented a video “What people die for”, dedicated to the memory of those killed in Boeing-777 plane crash.