Ukrainian media digest 19 August 2014

Ratings of deputies from Poltava region. Who has changes to be reelected?

President of Crimea state engineer-pedagogical university Fevz Yakubov is seen as the head of Crimea’s Republic.

The head of Zaporozhzhya regional state administration Valeriy Baranov said he would not appoint people who were recommended in Kyiv if the personnel commission did not approve them.

The so-called Council Ministry of the Republic of Crimea at its meeting on Tuesday, 19 August, voted to return Krymgas, which early belonged to private stock company in state ownership.

Deputy head of Dnipropetrovsk region Borys Filatov told about his relations with oligarch Igor Kolomoyskyi, Right Sector party leader Dmytro Yarosh, Semenchenko and about Tsaryov’s logic.

Passenger bus was shelled by militants in Donetsk region. One people died, 9 were hospitalized.

Interim head of Luhansk regional administration Iryna Verygina says she is not implicated in releasing mayor of Luhansk Sergey Kravchenko.