Day 817 of the resistance: the russians advance near 10 settlements

DeepState reports on the advance of russian troops near 10 settlements; in Luhansk, a hit on the occupiers’ military base was recorded; 300 thousand men have already updated their data through “Rezerv+”, the application operates abroad 

DeepState reports on the advance of russian troops near 10 settlements

The russian occupation troops have advanced near ten settlements.

DeepState analysts wrote about this on the night of May 20.

“The enemy has advanced southeast and south of Robotyne, near Verbove, in Paraskoviivka, in Netaylove, near Yasnobrodivka, Novopokrovske, Keramik, Berestove, in Zelene and near Buhruvatka,” the message reads.

Over the past day, the enemy’s combat losses amounted to about 1,400 russian soldiers, 14 tanks, 35 AFVs, 50 artillery systems, 2 MLRSs, 4 anti-aircraft vehicles, 81 unmanned aerial vehicles, 1 cruise missile, 1 ship, 60 vehicles and 2 special military vehicles. 

 In Luhansk, the occupiers’ military base was hit 

In occupied Luhansk, a successful hit was recorded on the occupiers’ military base amid civilian buildings in the village of Yuvileine. On the morning of May 20, explosions were heard in temporarily occupied Luhansk; Telegram channels published a video with a plume of smoke over the city; russian propagandists wrote about a missile strike, and according to the head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, the occupiers’ military base was set up at the site of the hit.

On Monday, May 20, Radio Svoboda and ASTRA Telegram channel informed about this. It is known that the explosions occurred near ​​the village of Yuvileine.

Social media call the former Luhansk Academy of Internal Affairs the alleged target of the attack. Russian “military correspondents” claim that the attack could have been carried out by Storm Shadow missiles.

Russian propagandists, citing an unnamed “source”, also complained about a fire in “residential quarters” of the village of Yuvileine, supposedly due to a “missile attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

Artem Lysohor, the head of the Luhansk RMA, reported that Luhansk residents confirmed in local chats that a military camp had been set up amid civilian buildings at the site of the hit. He clarified that until 2014, the Academy of Internal Affairs worked in this area, which was then chosen by the occupiers.

“Once again, the occupiers in Luhansk had a tough start to the week. According to information from open sources, another successful hit on the ruscists’ base in the village of Yuvileine in the suburbs of Luhansk was recorded,” he wrote.

According to him, “the honor of a Russian officer” is to hide behind the backs of our compatriots and among our homes.

“In general, there is nothing new. We congratulate our fighters on a successful hunt, and we are also grateful to our people for the exact coordinates,” Lysohor wrote.

Already 300 thousand men have updated their data through “Rezerv+”; the application operates abroad

As of May 20, 300,000 men of conscription age have updated their military registration data in the Reserve+ mobile application; the application is already available for Ukrainians abroad.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Defense Dmytro Lazutkin said on the air of the national telethon and in his comments to the UP, “We can say that currently, 300 thousand Ukrainians (conscripts, persons liable for military service and reservists) have updated their data in the Reserve+ application (aka online cabinet). 620 thousand persons have downloaded the app and many people are still waiting, because the system was somewhat overloaded on the first day and there were some technical glitches. Almost all failures have been eliminated. People can check their data through “Reserve+” in almost all countries of the world where there are Ukrainians liable for military service.” 

Lazutkin emphasized that the Rezerv+ application, a new service launched on May 18, is in great demand. It is in greater demand than updating data through TRCs and Centers for Administrative Services. 

The spokesman confirmed that, of course, mistakes happen (some conscripts saw the status “To be clarified” or “Wanted” on their screens).

According to the spokesman, there is a human factor, of course, because the data have been entered in the “Oberih” register from paper documents. At the same time, Lazutkin says these are isolated cases on the scale of the entire project.

He emphasized that the service center of the project works 24 hours a day and urged people to contact them. The spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense assured that problems with inconveniences and inaccuracies are being solved. 

In addition, according to Lazutkin, within a month, an update will appear in the Reserve+ mobile application and a special code, similar to the one that must be contained on the military registration document, will also be displayed. This code will be valid for verification by employees of the Territorial Recruitment Center, police, and State Border Guard Service, which will allow men not to carry paper documents with them everywhere.

The Role of History in Ukrainian Warfare. Ukraine in Flames№612

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  • Anton Drobovych, Head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance 
  • Ihor Kosiak, Colonel, Head of the Military History Research Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 
  • Bohdan Skopnenko, Junior Lieutenant, Head of the Educational and Laboratory Complex of the Department of Military History of Ukraine