Results of the week. Days 817-821 of resistance

The week was marked by the stabilization of the situation in the Kharkiv sector. The Russian occupiers did not manage to advance further than 8-10 km from the border, Vovchansk remains under the control of Ukraine. However, the creeping offensive continues – at the beginning of the week, DeepState reported the advance of Russian troops near 10 settlements.

Russia continues to launch attacks with missiles, drones and KAB air bombs. Kharkiv remains the target of its daily attacks. At the end of the week, Russian missiles hit a printing house in Kharkiv, killing seven and injuring sixteen persons; earlier there were also strikes on a residential area.

There were reports about the need to allow Ukraine to use foreign, and in particular, U.S. weapons to hit missile and artillery launch sites in the Russian Federation throughout the week. At the end of the week it was reported about a debate in the White House – Blinken urges the president to allow Ukraine to shoot U.S. weapons into Russia. 

The law on mobilization is already in effect – in a few days, more than 800,000 men have already updated their data through “Reserve+”; the application also operates abroad.

Russia has already lost almost half a million soldiers in the war

In the war against Ukraine, Russia has lost almost 499,000 soldiers killed and wounded. Over the past 24 hours, the Defense Forces of Ukraine destroyed 1,240 invaders, 27 AFVs, and 13 tanks, according to the AFU General Staff.