Ukrainian media digest 1th September 2014

One of the leaders of the so-called “Novorossiya” Oleg Tsarov explains why capturing Mariupol is very important. Mariupol is the second important port in Ukraine after Odessa. By capturing it, terrorists will block access to the sea for Ukrainian army. Moreover, the city has lots of corns and elevators and DPR and LPR need products. There are no warehouses and reservoirs in “Novorossiya”. In such a way terrorists want to receive a big quantity of products from warehouses for the winter period.

Militants have imposed a monthly fee for all private entrepreneurs in an amount of 1 thousand hryvnia on Krasnodon, Molodogvardeysk, Sukhodolsk territories in Luhansk region, NSDC informs. “Private entrepreneurs have been told they would receive checks with stamps of LPR terrorist organization on it in exchange for money,” NSDC’s spokesman Andrey Lysenko told at the press-conference.

Zaporizhzhya region’s authorities have decided to build engineering constructions at the approaches to the region and to form the additional battalion following the results of the Defense Council meeting, region’s governor Valeriy Baranov informed. “Following the tense situation, we decided to strengthen our city’s defence. We will build engineering constructions at the approaches to the region. Some amount of money has been received from regional council, another amounts we will find through different sources, including entrepreneurs’ help,” region’s information department quotes Baranov as saying.

Luhansk regional state administration says the representatives of the self-proclaimed LPR force state-paid workers, utilities workers and miners to come back to Luhansk and start working.

The north of Donetsk region is the main place of state of Donetsk’s governor Sergey Taruta, his deputy Ilya Shevlyak informs.

Militants in the ATO area have regained their positions and reunite the forces of DPR and LPR, which have been previously separated by Ukrainian army.

In the past three months none of Luhansk deputies has helped Luhansk region, interim governor Iryna Verygina said.