Foreign media digest 5 September 2014

Western leaders – participants of the NATO summit in Wales – are skeptical as Ukraine ceasefire takes hold and assume the possibility to suspend sanctions against Russia if de-escalation occurs in Ukraine. USA Today, Telegraph, France24:
At the close of a two-day NATO summit Friday, President Obama expressed doubts that new cease-fire in Ukraine would hold and promised a new round of sanctions to keep pressure on Russia to respect its neighbor’s borders”We are hopeful, but based on past experience also skeptical that in fact the separatists will follow through and that Russia will stop violating Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Obama said. “It has to be tested.” He said Western sanctions need to be a stimulus for Russia to do everything for successful implementation of Minsk agreements. «We need to make it clear, those sanctions we took the previous Saturday in Brussels ought to be implemented. We need to look at the detail of that to make sure it happens. The sanctions will go ahead… if a ceasefire and a proper peace plan go ahead, then it would be right to see if sanctions can be lifted,” British prime minister said. German Chancellor Angela Merkel: «A Ceasefire was a ceasefire not because it had agreed. Many parallel processes need to occur. We need to check whether the truce is implemented or Russian troops in case they are present, they are being withdrawn, that buffer zones are created. Thus, it is possible sanctions may indeed be implemented, but with the restriction they can be suspended if de-escalation occurs,” German Chancellor said.

Several western newspapers underlines that by showing sympathy, NATO leaders distance themselves from Ukraine. The Wall Street Journal, IBTimes:
In fact, Ukraine has been informed it would get limited practical assistant from Nato and in the medium term. Ukraine won’t receive either military support or Nato troops. In fact, the alliance outlines its defense line with Ukraine’s western border. Without serious military help Kyiv eventually has to make concessions to Moscow and the West once more will close eyes.


Madeleine Albright: only a strong NATO can stop Putin, and only America can rally NATO. It would be a betrayal of our common values to let Russia’s illegal behavior pass and allow Putin and his government to lie about what they are doing.
Foreign Policy:
Despite the talk of a cease-fire, NATO’s language remained tough.
The New York Times:
Walesa is angry with Putin: He is beyond the time, NATO must stop him.


France is threatening to suspend the delivery of two Mistral-class ships to Russia without doing any legal attempts to scrap the deal. The Financial Times:
Suspend delivery of the Mistral to Russia is a huge mistake!, Ludovic Zanker, the president of Europolitique – Consulting company headlined his article for Les Echos Putin use the support of his people, companies which are located on his territory and some Western countries. Meanwhile, president François Hollande is completely disavowed by the French. Putin relies on Germany and Great Britain support, but the U.S. is dictating what France should do in the Ukraine-Russia conflict,” the expert thinks.


Irrespective of how the stand-off is eventually resolved, Vladimir Putin will emerge with his reputation powerfully enhanced. Forbes:
A group of former employees of American security services addressed an open letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel calling her critically consider allegations that Russia invaded Ukraine. Süddeustche Zeitung:
The famous Italian singer Al Bano: I am with Putin. It’s like with Istria: we all know that is Italian. Corriere della Sera: