CHESNO movement is calling upon parties to lustrate their lists


September 23, 2014, Kyiv – CHESNO movement conducted preliminary analysis of the candidates to people’s deputies of Ukraine and is calling upon leaders of political parties either to refrain from pulling forward or withdraw those candidates for people’s deputies who, according to journalists’ investigations, were involved in corruption actions and/or voted for “dictatorship laws” on January 16th.  “We are calling upon lustrating the lists of the parties аstanding for elections to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and demonstrate new approaches to new quality of Ukrainian politics», – urged representative of CHESNO movement and the Institute of Media Legislation Taras Shevchenko during his media briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Activists of CHESNO movement systematized public data according to various types of “unfair behaviour” of candidates for the next parliament. They are going to disclose this information inside the parties as well as for wide public discussion. It is expected that such list will be finalized by the end of October after the Central Election Committee finishes registration of the candidates. The activists intend to spread this information to the society as much as possible so that such candidates are unable to pass to the parliament of the 8th calling. «We do not have resources to cover the country up with advertising media about corrupt officials. Besides, it is prohibited by law. Nevertheless, we will be able to reach even the places where there is no Internet, through mobile informational groups, including AutoMaidan representatives, covering practically all the towns of the country», – said Taras Shevchenko.

Representative of CHESNO movement and Public Organization “Center UA” Inna Borzylo emphasized that all the materials collected by the activists are public. “We only provide people with possibility to analyze materials of corruption investigations and arrive at their own conclusions». At present based on results of the previous investigation on candidates for people’s deputies of Ukraine activists found at least 78 candidates (47 candidates from the parties and 31 self-nominated candidate) who are involved into anti-corruption investigations, and 55 (33 of them self-nominated candidates) those who supported dictatorship with their votes.

CHESNO movement draws special attention of the society to those candidates who voted for so-called “dictator laws” on January 16th. “This is the most outrageous fact of human rights violation in the newest history of Ukraine. All components of the Law – starting from its contents to the voting mechanism is the evidence of fact that no one out of those who voted for it are entitled to enter the new parliament. According to the information provided by independent investigation, at least 33 candidates from this list are pulled forward as independent candidates. The biggest number of “dictatorship supporters” is pulled forward by the Communist Party of Ukraine – 12 and 9 such active deputies are in the lists of the “Sylna Ukraina” (“Strong Ukraine”) party. Besides, in compliance with public information, “Petro Poroshenko’s coalition” in 206th electoral precinct pulls out Vladyslav Atroshenko, who also voted ”for” during hearing of the notorious projected law by Vadym Kolesnichenko and Volodymyr Oliynyk, according to the information provided by the official web-site of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.