British MP: Encouraging Developments in Ukrainian Politics


Kyiv, September 24, 2014. Many young people, previously uninvolved in Ukrainian politics, are increasingly becoming more active in their country’s development and aspirations. The upcoming parliamentary elections are important for Ukraine’s future, even as Russian aggression continues. This was stated at Ukraine Crisis Media Center in Kyiv by John Whittingdale, an MP in the British House of Parliament and Chairman of the All Parliamentary Group on Ukraine.

“We met a number of young candidates from different political parties seeking election,” said Whittingdale. He reported that a newfound enthusiasm for politics in Ukraine is evident of the pronounced changes occurring in the country.  “We shall watch your elections with considerable interest,” stated Whittingdale. He also hopes to strengthen ties between the Ukrainian and British parliaments.

Russian aggression against Ukraine is still palpable throughout the country. Stronger sanctions against the Russian Federation are needed, until the Russian leadership realizes that their actions in Ukraine have costs. “I will go back and say that there need to be as strong measures as possible,” Whittingdale stated. In addition, he said that the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine has been underreported in the United Kingdom.  “It is not appreciated fully that this has been an invasion of your territory by Russian troops.” The MP stressed his support for Ukraine, and the need for the United Kingdom to stand up to Russia’s actions.

John Whittingdale, British MP is in Ukraine to gain a better understanding of the situation, as well as to meet Ukrainian leaders and ordinary people.