Anti-Westerners in the West: Dmitry Peskov on the market in Barcelona

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This time in our rubric “Anti-Westerners in the West”, is a picture of Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov with his family on a market in Barcelona, who is seen buying products banned in Russia as a result of its sanctions against the EU.

Peskov has 5 children and most of them were raised abroad and his daughter Liza – the most public figure of all his kids – currently lives in Paris and is working on opening her own brand.

Navalny’s anti-corruption foundation reportedly found that Liza’s two younger brothers live in France as well and her older half-brother lives in London, where he even allegedly spent a year in jail for amassing 116 unpaid parking tickets.

Peskov’s current wife Tatiana Navka cites the Maldives as her preferred vacation spot.