How can I help?

The four-month period is for the heroine of this story like a journey between the first question “Where should we go?” and the question “What can I do?” Her path to volunteering began with helping her husband. He’s a war volunteer. The end of winter. There’s not enough ammunition – it takes time to deliver it from warehouses to the front line. And everyone is desperate for all the boys to return home.

Searching for any information about the extent of volunteer aid to the military produced no result. Too many Ukrainians have united in small mobile groups operating in every community. The result of their daily work is saved lives and small victories on the battlefield. Time will pass and they will all come together like a puzzle in one big victory.

The war once again proved that Ukrainians know how to work efficiently. According to a research by the independent organization Humanitarian Outcomes, since the beginning of the Russian invasion, virtually all humanitarian aid in Ukraine has been provided by local activists and volunteer groups, not by international organizations. So, we will also be able to rebuild our country the way we want. 

Kateryna Statsenko, Energodar-Poland


Video is prepared within the project “Countering Disinformation in Southern and Eastern Ukraine” funded by the European Union