Day 230: more missile strikes far behind frontlines, Zelenskyi’s peace formula

More Russian missile strikes on Ukraine

On the morning of October 11, an air raid alert lasted more than five hours all across the country. Ukraine’s air defense systems shot down at least four missiles and several drones in Kyiv, Khmelnytskyi, Mykolayiv, Zaporizhzhia, and Odesa regions.

The air defense system shot down an Iranian suicide drone Shahed-136 in Khmelnytskyi region, head of the regional military administration Serhiy Hamaliy said.

The Ukrainian troops shot down at least four Russian missiles, spokesperson for Ukraine’s Air Force command Yuriy Ihnat said. “There were missile launches since 7 a.m., and at least four air-launched missiles. Four missiles were destroyed,” Ihnat stated.

Russia strikes energy infrastructure facility in Lviv, causing power outage to one-third of city

Russian missile strikes in Lviv region caused three explosions at two energy facilities in Lviv region, head of the Lviv regional military administration Maksym Kozytskyi said. No casualty reports followed. 

Zelenskyi speaks to G7, lays out “peace formula” to stop Putin

Speaking during an emergency meeting of the G7, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi laid out a “peace formula” – steps to counter Putin’s goals in Ukraine. 

The first point is an air shield for Ukraine, the President said. When Ukraine receives a sufficient number of modern and effective air defense systems, the key element of Russian terror – missile strikes – will cease to work.

The second point is the territorial integrity of Ukraine and bringing Russia to account for the crime of aggression. “Russia must be completely isolated and punished, both politically and sanction-wise,” Zelenskyi said.

Many states will draw conclusions from the consequences facing Russia for its war against Ukraine. A sustainable global security order is at stake, the President said. A tough price cap is needed for the exports of oil and gas from Russia – zero profit for the terrorist state. “Such steps can bring peace closer – they will encourage the terrorist state to think about peace, about the unprofitability of war,” he added. There can be no dialogue with Putin, in the hope that he will respect the agreements, Zelenskyi proceeded.

The next point is security guarantees for Ukraine and a draft model that Ukraine suggested – the Kyiv Security Compact. Russia has also turned Belarus into a springboard for its war against Ukraine. It is trying to drag Belarus into the war as a party, Zelenskyi said.

Ukraine has never had plans to conduct military operations against Belarus. The Ukrainian President urged to deploy an international monitoring mission to the border not to let Lukashenka stage a provocation. 

“A mission of international observers may be stationed on the border of Ukraine and Belarus to monitor the security situation. The format can be worked out by our diplomats. And I ask you at the level of the Group of Seven to support this initiative of ours,” the President said.

The war is in its decisive phase. It is important not to fall victim to the Kremlin’s blackmail, Zelenskyi said.

Volyn region: on the border with Belarus. Ukraine in Flames #215

The Volyn region, located in the very northwest of Ukraine, perhaps never troubled itself with the issues of security and defence until its main airport, located in the administrative center Lutsk, was targeted with missiles on February 24. A growing concern is the region’s border with Belarus, a country that has just announced its deployment of troops to the Ukrainian border. What are Volyn government representatives, volunteers, and journalists doing to help Ukraine win the war against Russia? Ukraine in Flames #215 is set to find out.


  • Hryhoriy Nedopad, head of the Volyn Regional Council 
  • Olha Bulkovska, chief editor of Pershyi TV channel, Lutsk 
  • Iryna Novosad, communications, volunteer headquarters of humanitarian air ANGAR 
  • Natalia Pakhaichuk, journalist at

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