Evidence has emerged that the Russian military is behind the killings of civilians in Bucha

Russia has once again been caught lying: Putin’s regime officials have said that Russian soldiers were not involved in the killings of civilians in Bucha in the Kyiv region. But the evidence that Russian troops are behind the murder of residents appeared.

The New York Times compared satellite imagery taken by Maxar Technologies in mid-March to a video released on April 2. The comparison shows that many bodies have been lying on the city’s roads since the days when Bucha was controlled by the Russian military.

The photos show human bodies that appeared on Yablonska Street between March 9 and 11. The bodies remained in this position for more than three weeks.

Three more bodies can also be seen on Yablonska Street. One lies near the bicycle, the other near the abandoned car. Satellite images show that the abandoned cars and bodies appeared between March 20 and 21.