Russia destroys Ukraine’s educational institutions: How they survive attacks?

The Russian war against Ukraine targets educational institutions as one of the key components, which is responsible for forming Ukrainian identity and educating conscious citizens. During the missile and artillery attacks, the Russian occupation army deliberately targets Ukrainian schools and universities.

At the same time, Russian propaganda justifies such unprecedented acts of aggression, portraying war crimes as the “liquidation of Ukrainian military bases”. The Russian army is trying to wipe out not only the buildings but also the Ukrainian language and culture.

Moscow is trying to destroy not only the Ukrainian past but also the future. However, no violence can break the Ukrainian spirit of freedom. Both teachers and students do not give up so the buildings will be restored and schools and universities will continue to be the hearth of educational tradition, instilling the values of freedom and democracy in Ukrainians.


  • Natalia Prykhodko, jourtalist at Nis TV channel, Mykolaiv
  • Valeriy Nehmatov, history teacher at Iuvenes lyceum, Severodonetsk, Luhansk region
  • Natalia Chemerys, Director of the Kramatorsk school #15, Donetsk region.

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