Fake Referendums in the Occupied Territories of Ukraine

September 23 is day 1 of the sham referendums Russia has planned to hold in the occupied territories of Ukraine: parts of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia oblasts.

The Ukrainian defenders and resistance forces are not going to make it easy for the occupiers. An explosion rocked the city of Melitopol in Zaporizhzhia Oblast this morning, and Mayor Fedorov advised Melitopol residents to stay away from Russian military personnel and equipment as much as possible.

The illegal “votes” have been strongly condemned by Ukraine and its partners, and the EU is about to announce yet another package of strengthened sanctions in response to sham referendums and the launch of mobilization in Russia.

The free world stays united in its support of Ukrainian territorial integrity and will only increase its military aid to Ukraine despite Russia’s blackmail.