Head of UCMC Calls Out NATO’s Inaction and Lack of Awareness Regarding Russia’s Nuclear Threat

Former US ambassador and head of UCMC, Valeriy Chaly, has voiced his concerns over the global response to Russia’s terrorist activities, describing the response as “sluggish” and inadvertently encouraging Putin to continue his blackmail tactics.

Chaly highlights the absence of sanctions on nuclear energy, the lack of personal restrictions on industry leaders, and the failure to take a strong stance against countries reliant on Russian nuclear supplies.

When asked about the possibility of Putin’s escalation, Chaly believes it to be a realistic scenario that should be considered seriously, emphasizing the need for proactive measures.

“I believe that this is an absolutely realistic scenario that should be considered among all others. We need to prepare for it.”

With NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s recent report regarding Russia’s ‘unchanged nuclear posture,’ Chaly tells how these public statements may not reflect the real situation, but there is a lack of action taken by NATO, indicating a lack of willingness to acknowledge the full extent of the threat.

“There are public statements, and there are real things that are done for security’s sake. They [NATO] chose not to see Russian missiles falling on their territory or notice Russian jets entering NATO airspace during a very hot phase of the war.”

Chaly’s response to reports of Russia escalating and mining the ZNPP serves as a reminder that complacency and mere words will only allow the growing threat to persist.