How Lukashenko’s Regime Uses Illegal Migration as a Hybrid Weapon Against the EU

Lukashenko's regime

In attempts to retaliate against the EU’s sanctions, the Belarusian government implements a deliberate campaign to destabilize the neighboring member states through illegal migrations. This has caused a major humanitarian crisis at the Belarus-Poland border.

Even though Lukashenko rejects all the accusations, he himself threatened to “flood the EU with migrants and drugs” in May this year. The EU says the government of Belarus is orchestrating this humanitarian crisis, and the numerous accounts of illegal migrants helped by “facilitators” to reach the EU borders, among other things, prove that.

With the temperatures falling and the new Polish law enabling the border guards to immediately expel migrants who close the border illegally, the situation is only going to worsen, as the Belarusian border control simply does not allow them back.

We summed up the key numbers and facts that illustrate that Belarus is using illegal migration as a weapon in this infographic.