International Legion of Defense of Ukraine: how to join


The international legion consists of infantry & special task battalions.

Formed by Presidential decree right after the outbreak of full-scale russian invasion, the Legion has taken part in the majority of the crucial campaigns and battles of the war. Legionnaire teams are also embedded in some of the most prominent brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

How to join

Candidate requirements:

  • 18-60 years of age
    These are the legal age limits set by Ukrainian legislation
  • No criminal record
    The applicants must have no history of prosecution or conviction
  • No chronic diseases
    All candidates need to pass an assessment by a medical commission
  • Physical fitness
    All candidates need to be physically capable to perform basic infantry tasks
  • Ability to legally enter Ukraine
    The Legion or the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not provide assistance with visas and travel arrangements

Military or relevant experience is an advantage

Military experience is not required but would increase the chances of being accepted. Other relevant experiences might include law enforcement, paramilitary organizations, firefighting, etc.

Combat experience is an advantage

Combat experience is not required but would increase the chances of being accepted. Combat experience might include paramilitary or militias

4 steps to apply

  • Download and fill in an application form from the official website:
  • Scan your passport
  • Scan the documents verifying your military or relevant experience (if
    you have them)
  • Email the filled form and the scans of the documents to
    [email protected]