Key Russian Disinfo Tactics of the Week

On January 14, Russia perpetrated another major war crime and a terror attack by launching a missile at a nine-story residential building in Dnipro. The strike destroyed a large part of the block of flats. As of January 17, 44 people were confirmed killed. The rescue operation has continued since Saturday, and 25 people may still be under the rubble.

Russian propaganda tried to shift the blame for this crime to Ukrainian air defense: portraying the destruction as a result of Ukrainian forces downing the Russian missile above the residential building. This is impossible, though, as the Ukrainian army simply does not have the means to shoot down missiles of the Kh-22 type, which was used in the Dnipro attack.

Since the beginning of Russia’s large-scale military aggression, more than 210 Kh-22 missiles have been launched on the territory of Ukraine. None was shot down by means of Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense, the Air Force of the AFU emphasized.