An Ongoing Tale of “the West is to Blame,”: This Week’s RUSpropaganda Rhetoric

Propaganda Digest: This is our weekly analysis that exposes the most exaggerated, misleading, and outrageous rhetoric from recent Russian media sources, aimed at promoting critical thinking to better debunk the manipulation of Russian propaganda.

Sergei Mikheev, Ex-politician and Russian propagandist

“Love, Hatred, and War, Mikheev’s Novel”

This international hatred serves them well. They Ukrainians are only pounding Donbas because they have been told to do so by the western curators, and the western curators have only one aim, and that is to fill the gap between us [Russia and Ukraine] with hatred.

“The Transformation Recipe: Russia is a Second Sort”

After the breakup of the Soviet Union, the enemy’s main task was to make us like them. As a result, we [Russians – HWAG] become the second or third sort of them.  We became lost. And it was their victory. We became the people they wanted us to be. 

“European Escapade Ends With a Vacation in the Trenches”

What about the Ukrainian patriots who have fled to Europe? Did you believe you’d be saved there? They’ll [Ukrainian government – HWAG] now get you and send you back to the trenches

“Russia, the Champion of ‘Truth’ and ‘Purpose”

Our enemies understand that the war is not about territory. The war is for truth and purpose. They want to destroy this truth first and foremost. 

Daniil Bezsonov, Military Observer and Russian propagandist

“Math Masterclass: Russians, Belarussians, Ukrainians, Who Cares”

Americans consider Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians to be the same people – Russians. If we say that 50,000 Ukrainians died in a month and 5000 Russians died, it is written as 55,000 Russians died. That is how they perceive the situation.

Roman Golovanov, Solovievlive Host and Russian Propagandist

“Coincidences Galore, It’s Not Us It’s Them”

Yesterday, Blinken visited Ukraine and the same day there was a missile strike on strike in the city of Kostiantynivka by the Ukrainians. I don’t know what more evidence needs to be had to confirm this. I’m sorry but this is some kind of ritual they have to kill people every time someone visits. 

“The Scented Storyteller”

It is now one of the main tourist attractions in Ukraine [Military graveyard – HWAG], the same Ukraine that now literally stinks of death and you can smell the  dead bodies from graves through the television screen.

Sergey Mardan, Talk show host and Russian propagandist

“When Ukraine, Wait, Britain, Wait, France, Strikes, It’s a Sham Show”

During the night, the Ukrainian armed forces launched a powerful strike in Sevastopol, [occupied Crimea – HWAG]. It is important to recognize that this strike is not coming from Ukraine, but from the Brits or France. Their missiles, reconnaissance, and navigation.  Formally, Ukraine is striking Sevastopol, but in reality, Britain and France are striking Sevastopol, just as they did 150 years ago.

Andrey Klintsevich, Russian Propagandist

“The Invincible Russian Air Defence…Which sometimes misses…”

That the fighter jets [to Ukraine -.HWAG] is a more serious result, but planes have a life cycle, and some countries have planned to modernize the F-16s. The planes that they will give Ukraine will be shot down because our air defense is capable of hitting exactly these types of F16. It will be costly in terms of money, and the military complexes will be agitated.

Maria Zakharova, Director of Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, AKA Chief State Propagandists:

“The Contagious Hero”

Zelenskyy is the West’s new Covid 23, which they created with their own hands.

“Zakharova Bed-time Stories, The Marvelous State Demolisher”

Now that a new monster, Zelensky, has appeared, I’d say that he’s actually competing for the top spot [a pre-conversation comparing Zelensky to Osama Bin Laden]. There has never been anyone like him, no one who has destroyed the state in which he himself was born. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

“Mirror Mirror on the Wall…”

He [Zelensky – HWAG] is conducting the genocide of his own people. The people here in his country believed him, that he will do everything to create peace. If he said that he would wage a war and carry out everything that the US has told him They would have never voted for him never because people in Ukraine they wanted peace

“You Can’t Sit With Us”

The West has pretended that the Global south doesn’t exist. But it does and the Global South is genuinely uniting. We are interested in each other and a lot more interesting than the West.

Diana Panchenko, Ukrainian Traitor and Russian Propagandist:

“Botox and Fillers, oops, I Meant Pocket Fillers: Panchenko Still Hasn’t Learnt Not to Throw Stones in Glass Houses…”

The west doesn’t need a victory over corruption in Ukraine because they don’t care about Ukraine. So those who say we need to fight until the last man, are also the ones filling their pockets with the other hand.

“Yes, the Finest, Most Money Making Position in the World…hmm”

There are many books and courses on how to become a millionaire, but they are all outdated and the majority of money is no longer made in the United States. Today, the highest-paid position in the world is that of Ukraine’s Minister of Defense.

Andrey Gurulev, State Duma deputy, reserve lieutenant general, Russian Propagandist:

“Kindergarten Rhetoric: He Hit Me First”

When we speak here today about the British attempting to destroy our atomic reactor {UKR sabotage group operation], we must give the same response. A second Chernobyl disaster? Well, our president has always said that if there is a fight, we must strike first.