Propaganda Digest: A Collection of This Week’s Most Ridiculous Rhetoric – F-16 Edition

Andrei Gurulev’s Latest Hit: ‘Let’s Hit Ukrainian Airfields One More Time

“F-16s will fly [over Ukraine]. We must be ready and have a clear understanding of how we will make sure that they [the West] will not be able to deliver the planes, or we must make Ukraine’s airfields unusable. Our targets must include service bases, including the technical personnel of foreign countries’ specialists, who are also participants in the conflict, and must be destroyed so that no one else will come forward.” 

Andrei Gurulev, Member of the State Duma and Russian Propagandist

Stickers as Rewards for F-16 Takedowns, Because $$$ Are Overrated

“Subscribers suggested to me that I award 5 million rubles to the crew for each F-16 shot down in combat, but I think a sticker is quite enough.” 

Fighterbomber Russian Propaganda Telegram 

Do Not Fear, the Russian Army is here!

“So we wait for the F-16 [delivery]. We’re studying its strengths and weaknesses and its possible [it can carry] weapons based on the worst case scenarios, training. Do not fuss, we will do what we have to do.”

Fighterbomber Russian Propaganda Telegram 

F-16s for Kids: Ukrainian Children Master Fighter Jet Catapulting in Record Time!

“It is pointless to comment on the fresh wave of rumors about F-16 delivery to the Khokhls [derogatory name for Ukrainians] since facts, not statements, should be considered…In a matter of hours, 61  turned into 42, then 19. And it should be noted that they will be flown either by mercenaries or by children, who have confidently mastered catapulting from fighter jets as a result of military operations.”

Fighterbomber Russian Propaganda Telegram 

The ‘UN’formidable Western Arsenal: Russian Army’s Greatest Challenge?

“Ukraine is close to getting its F-16 fighters; they have requested 128 aircraft. 128 planes [is the number] they need for operational and tactical missions in just the Zaporizhia Oblast. In order to complete their suicide mission—to break through to the Sea of Azov and disengage our groups. […] They have already spoken about their “invincible” weapons, armored vehicles, Strykers, Abrams, Challengers, and Leopards. There will now be airplanes. Who cares? We will shoot them down anyway.” 

Military Guest and Propagandist on Roman Golovanov Show, Solovievlive

The Starving Leopards and the Eagle Pigeon Wings Guarding Ukraine (Ukraine’s F-16s) 

“This new delivery, of course, is already planned for F-16s. Because the delivery of ‘Leopards’ was ‘undernourished’ and ineffective. According to various sources, Ukraine has significantly under-received tanks as part of the commitments that the so-called partners made. Therefore, what is needed now is a new fetish, behind which they will create a movement.”

Guest on Roman Golovanov, Military Guest and Propagandist

Don’t Toy With Us: A Propagandist’s Last (Last….Last) Warning

“Oh, don’t play with airplanes in your sandbox, kids. Because one of the next “good days” for Europe could become its last day…..”

Yulia Vityazeva, Russian Propagandist and host on SolovievLive

A Dilemma: Pummel Ukraine to the Ground, or Pummel Ukraine to the Ground? Hmm

“Question to American taxpayers: Don’t you think it’s easier to beat Ukraine [to a pulp] than to feed it?”

Yulia Vityazeva, Russian Propagandist and host on SolovievLive

Russian Roulette: A Russian shovel Vs a Ukrainian Gun. Your Money is on What?

“But the reality is that no amount of coveted foreign planes will help Ukraine turn the situation in its favor. Actually, the only thing for which F-16s are needed is for the air raids on Crimea. Those ‘insaniacs’ dream of regaining the peninsula. Of course, no one will allow these plans to come to fruition.

And as a moral, I will quote Slutsky:

“But only “games in airplanes” can cost dearly, first of all, Ukrainians themselves; the price for prolonging the conflict will be new victims and destruction. Victory is inevitably ours, and F-16s will burn just like the Leopards.”

So keep that in mind; they are brave but weak-minded. So don’t come crying to us later, “What did they do to us?””

Yulia Vityazeva, Russian Propagandist and host on SolovievLive

Ukraine Levels Up, But We Got This…Haven’t we?? Guys?

“If they get F-16 and increase their reserves to 3 million, then they are gradually moving up to the next level.  Regarding F-16s and how many there will be, that’s one question because we know from our military guys that they will cause some certain difficulties, but in principle, the missiles, which the French and British have sent, and TAURUS, from the Germans—well, it’s almost like having an F-16.  But the F-16s come with a different set of problems: pilots, skill set, deciding from where they will take off, and deciding where they will land, so it is a brand-new target for us. It will be a new military challenge that, like everything else, we will figure out.”

Dmitry Kulikov, host for The Formula of Thought – Russian Propagandist

Ukraine’s ‘Invisible’ Air Defense capable of knocking down supersonic missiles

“Our soldiers rely on a deep, multi-layered air defense with complexes of a long-range S300, which Ukraine hasn’t got. They, in general, have no effective air defense. As a result, they are unable to wield a significant defense. What they can do is no different to what they are doing right now… A sortie of two planes strike at low altitude once or twice a day and then fly away. But that is all they are capable of. They will not have air superiority!”

Konstantin Valentinovich Sivkov, Russian Naval Officer, Propagandists, and Regular Figure Manipulator