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Propaganda Digest:

This is our weekly analysis that exposes the most exaggerated, misleading, and outrageous rhetoric from recent Russian media sources, aimed at promoting critical thinking to better debunk the manipulation of Russian propaganda.

Ukrainian Traitors’ Stellar Analysis, US is the Bad Guy

The ‘US idea’ is that the conflict should be detrimental to Russia. I do not see any other meaning of this conflict. The Kyiv regime is not capable of winning – it is absolutely impossible. According to all objective data, the Kyiv regime cannot defeat the Russian army. It can inflict damage with the help of Western equipment and weapons.

Mykola Azarov, Ukrainian traitor and Russian Propagandist

Azarov Calls for Peace: Liquidate the Puppet Regime

How to minimize the damage? How to eliminate it altogether? I have already said – to do this, we need to liquidate the puppet regime. This is the only way. All sorts of agreements that they will adopt neutrality, will not join NATO – this is a fairy tale for absolutely naive people. 

Mykola Azarov, Ukrainian traitor and Russian Propagandist

Golovanov’s Geography Lesson: Russia’s Territory is a Fluid Concept

What Zelensky said about: “We are not going to take  the war to the territory of Russia” is a lie. We have different ideas about Russia. We have different ideas about the borders of our country. We have different ideas about what and where things are happening.

Roman Golovanov, Solovievlive Host and Russian Propagandist

Akhmedova’s Peculiar Perspective: Pope Takes on the ‘Worthy’ Russian Empire

The Pope, in my opinion, simply identified his adversaries. He has identified the Russian Empire as the enemy which he is fighting, the opposition. But (he knows) this adversary is also a worthy one. It’s an adversary with a rich history and culture. 

Marina Akhmedova, Russian Propagandist

Doggy Cuddles vs. Cluster Munitions… He is a monster!

Blinken while in Kyiv held a dog in his arms [Patron]. How to show yourself as kind? Pet the doggy! Consider how many animals he has killed by supplying Ukraine with cluster munitions. Animals are very defenseless against them. Not to mention the loss of human life

Marina Akhmedova, Russian Propagandist

An Odd Comparison: Moscow’s Indifference Vs. Ukrainian Intolerance

Yesterday, a pro-Ukrainian woman wrapped in the Ukrainian flag held a protest in Red Square. The anti-Russian media (let’s not dirty the word “liberal”) wrote angrily about how she was eventually led away by police. And you’ll notice the photo. This is the best picture of Moscow. People are walking around, taking pictures, talking on the phone, and no one is paying attention to the activist. In Ukraine wearing a Russian flag she would have been trampled in 5 seconds.

Marina Akhmedova, Russian Propagandist

Russia’s ‘Eternal’ War: When Forever Isn’t Quite Clear

The West will try to continue this war as long as it can. The US wants it because Joe Biden is up for re-election in November 2024, and I don’t think he will want the war to end with a Russian victory before that election. And if the war ended today, Russia would probably be labeled the winner, Russian troops would control a large part of Ukraine, which Biden doesn’t want. Ukraine is running out of potential troops, it’s running out of ammunition and NATO is running out of ammunition. 

Daniel Kovalik, American lawyer, PRO Russian Propagandist

Russian Propagandists Attempts to Unravel His Lies Built on Lies, on Lies on…

How are you illiterate suckers able to be so ignorant of the language of science as to write “all facts are built on outright lies”? Either it is a fact or a lie, a fact cannot be built on a lie!

Vladimir Solovyov, Russian propagandist

A ‘Festive’ Sacrifice’: A Russian Denial at its Most Inhumane

Ukraine is led by people who hate Ukrainians on an animalistic level. They take revenge on them selflessly, so that they would be remembered to the seventh knee. Zelensky dedicated the strike on Kostyantynivka to Blinken’s visit. A real “festive” sacrifice. Just unbelievable freaks.

Sergey Mardan, Russian propagandist

Odesa’s ‘Homecoming’ Delusion: Yulia’s Wishful Thinking

On the 2nd of September 1794, this remarkable city (Odesa) was born. It was a momentous undertaking that required an immense amount of effort, both physically and emotionally. However, there are still some who struggle to understand to whom Odesa truly belongs. Odesa has always been, and will always be, a part of Russian history. I maintain hopeful that Odesa will find its way back home. The path may not be the same as before, but our goal is to see its return.

Yulia Vityazeva, Actress/talk show host Russian Propagandist

Unfit for Service: The Mentally Ill Plays Doctor

They plan to mobilize various reserves, including individuals with mental health disorders like schizophrenia, and even foreigners. This represents a substantial addition to the Ukrainian army’s manpower, although they will need to provide proper documentation. It’s worth noting that some of these individuals are unwell, and no one should be accepting them, but they may manipulate their certificates to qualify for service

Vitaliy Kiselev, Russian propagandist from the so called ‘LNR’ 

EU-kraine: Russia is Concerned about Human Rights Violations… Oh the Irony

Another challenge Ukrainians are confronting is the call-up of reserves living outside Ukraine’s borders, in countries like Poland, Germany, France, Northern Ireland, and the Baltics. It’s likely that President Zelenskyy will reach out to the leaders of these regions and request the return of these individuals, as they are all registered. In this context, it’s possible that there could be deportations from the European Union.

Vitaliy Kiselev, Russian propagandist from the so called ‘LNR’