Kremlin Shady Horses: Diana Șoșoacă. Pushing for “Peace” Negotiations, creating fakes and territorial claims to Ukraine

The project Shady Horses delves into investigating Russian propaganda dissemination within Western countries through prominent individuals often referred to as “talking heads.” By analyzing the influence and messaging of these figures, the project seeks to shed light on the tactics employed to spread Russian narratives, their impact on public opinion, and potential connections to foreign organizations.

Diana Șoșoacă is a controversial Romanian senator known for her pro-Russian position and vocal stance on various political issues. Although Șoșoacă has become famous for advocating closer ties with Russia, her statements are often framed by conspiracy theories. She is a figure who creates so many scandals and fakes around her that her pro-Russian activities do not look unusual. She has systematically tried to undermine Western alliances and promote views that could benefit Russian interests. 

In Ukraine, she is known for promoting peace talks between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Also, Șoșoacă repeatedly expressed territorial claims to Ukraine and played along with the wildest narratives of Russian propaganda.

Who is this Shady Horse?

Romanian Senator Diana Șoșoacă 

Where are they from?  


Political affiliation?

The founder of the S.O.S. party (far-right party)

​​What have they been saying?

Sosoacă wants Romania to invade Ukraine. 
She submitted a bill for the annexation of several territories 

“Romanians should go out to protest to prevent Zelensky from entering Romania; the pole dancer-president who travels the world when his country is at war”.

“There is no legal basis for the EU or NATO to intervene in this war, which has been exacerbated by the EU and NATO, which have “boosted” Zelensky’s and those behind him’s warlike impulses”.

“This is a Putinists laptop. Glory to Moscow!”

We should break Zelensky’s legs!

“I am sorry to tell you that there is a nuclear explosion. Radioactivity levels increased 15 times in Poland and Germany“.

“Ukraine’s dilemma is that it holds territory that doesn’t belong to it. As a result, I introduced a bill in the Romanian parliament to allow Romania to reclaim sections of its territory that are illegally occupied by Ukraine“.

Through Ukraine’s threat to me, I find myself in solidarity with the Romanian minority in Ukraine, which Kyiv regards as a threat to the Ukrainian state, which is why it is being methodically and programmatically eradicated as part of the process of ethnic cleansing and forced Ukrainization.