#KremlinNarratives: Ilya Kiva on default

#KremlinNarratives: Ilya Kiva on default
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There is a substantial #KremlinNarratives network operating in Ukraine and it includes numerous public figures from politicians to bloggers. 

The main advantage they have for spreading disinformation is that they position themselves as locals, but are constantly promoting Russian narratives and their activity is growing each day.

This threat deserves our attention and we will be extensively covering it.

Meet Illya Kiva, notorious politician from “Opposition Platform — For Life” (OPFL), who supports Kremlin messages about Ukraine being directly controlled by other countries and impeding default.

More on how the OPFL pushes Ukraine to accept help from Russia and supports other pro-Russian initiatives can be found in our article SUBTERFUGE-19: Meet Main Kremlin’s Agents of Influence in Ukraine.