Life hacks and useful tools on Facebook – a webinar for regional editions was held

On July 14, a series of webinars was held for representatives of regional editions from different parts of Ukraine entitled “Life hacks and useful tools for working on Facebook”. Olga Tkachenko, DOBRE Social Media Coordinator, shared her experience and advice with the participants. The participants were divided into two groups, depending on the previous questions and wishes.

The lecturer voiced the main advantages of running a separate page of the publication on Facebook and the group, and named the main tools for engaging the audience. For the presentation of the publication on Facebook, the best format is to maintain a separate page, which is easy to fill, and its statistics are easy to track.

According to Olga Tkachenko, it is very important to diversify the content of your page and respond to the needs of the audience. Thus, approximately 60% of content should be informative – news, digests, algorithms, useful articles, success stories; 20% of the content should be entertaining – photo facts, “meet it”, memes, etc. And the remaining 15% have to interact with the audience and be interactive. 

The lecturer voiced a number of tips on the structure of the post and noted:

“You will not be read if: your posts are similar to the minutes of meetings; posts start with a “cemetery” of tags; texts will be uninteresting; there will be only letters on the page; there will be no “people” on the page and you will not interact with the audience. ”

In addition, Olga Tkachenko spoke about the best and “dumb” hours for publishing posts, gave advice on the use of icons, emotions and geolocations, and on the examples of the pages-participants of the event considered the main mistakes and examples of successful posts.

The event was held within the project “Modern regional media – a guarantee of quality in a media-competent democratic Ukraine”, which is implemented by the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway represented by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Kyiv.