National Outreach: Media Reboot supports Ukrainian regional media with focus on eastern and southern regions of Ukraine. We help regional media produce quality and trustworthy content, provide them with opportunities for training, professional exchange and technical support.

What do we do?

●       we encourage regional media to reboot by changing work formats, producing unique and quality content, starting local initiatives to address local problems (media outlets holding round table discussions with representatives of local authorities, activists, experts etc. to share best practices of other regions or countries and to find joint ways to address local issues);      

●       we hold training sessions, workshops, seminars, consultations and discussions for regional journalists and journalism students on:

–        journalistic standards and media literacy (for example, moving away from stereotypical thinking and from the use of hate speech; fact-checking and countering information threats; applying newest technology and databases, work ethics on social media etc.), 

–        key reforms including the progress of European and Euro-Atlantic integration focusing on Ukrainian and international real-life success stories;

●       we train regional media outlets to change making use of their actual resources – we demonstrate open ways to access information and fact-check, familiarize them with free media services to create professional and quality content (photos, infographics, illustrations etc.)

●       we provide knowledge and skills for print media to redesign, start web sites, efficiently work on social media (Facebook, Telegram and YouTube);

●       we have our own network of professional trainers and experts on the above themes, we have developed exclusive training programs for regional journalists;

●       we facilitate meetings with newsmakers by organizing press tours and group interviews in Kyiv with representatives of executive and legislative authorities and experts. During these meetings regional media get answers to most topical questions in various sectors (healthcare, education, energy, European and Euro-Atlantic integration etc.) and can match the knowledge with local realities;

●       we are building horizontal connections among the regions of Ukraine by organizing press tours and group interviews in the regions to encourage exchange of experience and best practices, journalists’ networking;

●       together with our foreign partners we organize study tours to their countries (Poland, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Belgium etc.) as well as training sessions and discussions that foster exchange of experience among the participants and help build partner ties with foreign journalists etc.; 

●       we constantly cooperate with partner crisis media centers in Mykolayiv, Kherson, Severodonetsk and co-organize events.


Tetyana Kolosova, Head of National Outreach: Media Reboot

[email protected]

Yuliya Tyotkina, Project coordinator

[email protected]