Misogynist and Homophobic Quotes of Russian Elites: “Russia defeated the oppression of women”

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This quote from Margarita Simonyan reeks of Soviet era propaganda that aimed to “catch up with and outrun” the West and thus often boasted achieving human rights goalposts even though the reality could not be further from truth.

Same thing with this claim about modern Russia, where domestic violence was decriminalized in 2017 and as a result the violence severely increased with 176 thousand reported (!) cases only in 2018.

The statement comes from a media person well aware that women have 16% of seats in State Duma and 17% in Federation Council (2 branches of Russian parliament).

Even Simonyan’s own field of state-sponsored propaganda that Russia calls their main media is mostly male and yet she is confidently peddling this unrealistic image.

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