International festival of documentaries Docudays UA has started in Kherson region

On 13th of November XVI Traveling International Festival of Documentaries about human rights Docudays UA has started in Kherson region. On this occasion the press conference of Olena Stariuk, head of public reception of CF “Fund of Mercy and Health”, and Oksana Glebushkina, esecutive director on NGO “New Generation Public Centre” has been held at “Crisis Media Centre. Kherson”.

As the speakers said, the main topic of the festival is digital technologies, big opportunities and big risks connected with their usage. In the modern global world information security is becoming more actual for any country and user of the Internet. Cyberbullying is abuse, humiliation, aggressive attacks carried out through various gadgets, using the Internet and any electronic (digital) technology.

This year the most interesting documentaries about human rights will be seen by citizens of 220 cities and towns of Ukraine. Traditionally Travelling Docudays UA will continue till the end of December and arrive to 22 oblasts of Ukraine.

Demonstration and discussion of the documentaries took place at cinemas, houses of culture, schools, universities, cinema clubs, creative spaces, book stores, libraries and institutions of the State Criminal Enforcement Service of Ukraine. The important part of the events were discussions during which viewers have an opportunity to talk with film directors, invited human rights activists and cultural figures.

Through the question “Will you let the program to change your mind?” this year festival makes to thing about how our everyday life, habits and ways of communication change with appearance of digital technologies, how they give new opportunities for studying the reality and what threats, connected with the control and information security are hidden in digital network.

47 youth and human rights organizations and 217 cinema clubs of media education on human rights of Docudays UA are the partners of the festival in Ukrainian regions. You can find more about the regional show program on the official website of the Docudays UA Travelling Festival –