Mykhailo Samus names one of the weakest points in NATO’s concept

Speaking at a discussion at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center, Mykhailo Samus, Director of the New Geopolitics Research Network, stated that he believes one of the weakest aspects of NATO’s existence at this time is its current concept.

“According to statements made by NATO leaders and representatives of individual countries in February 2022, one of the alliance’s primary goals remains to avoid escalation and direct confrontation with Russia. If you say your main goal is to avoid escalation, you put yourself in a vulnerable position,” the expert emphasized.

He criticized the alliance’s policies over the past several decades.

“After the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, NATO could not find itself for a long time and sought to formulate a new strategic concept,” continued Michael Samus.

“Then there was the terrorist threat, which elevated the bloc to the status of the primary fighter against international terrorism. Later, when Russia attacked Georgia, NATO failed to make a strategic breakthrough in understanding what was going on. Unfortunately, this was not the case in 2014, when there was a reaction, with only a few battalion tactical groups established in the Baltic states, which was clearly insufficient. Today, not only is Russia considered a NATO enemy, but so is the newly formed axis of evil, which includes Iran and North Korea.”