Occupants of Russian Federation placed guidance sensors for cruise missiles at the Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital

Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital / © LB.ua

On February 26th, Military Television of Ukraine informed: 

“Russian occupiers are going to kill children. Despite the enemy’s false statements that civilians are not the target of their armed aggression, the obvious facts suggest otherwise. 

The news that is shocking today is that the enemies deliberately chose sick children for their aggression. For example, the occupiers or their aides placed cruise missile guidance sensors at the Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital. Workers noticed them today, but metadata from the hospital’s surveillance camera shows that they were placed on January 18. 

It is not yet known exactly how many guidance sensors were found on the hospital walls, but they were found on all four sides of the facility. 

We urge Ukrainians to be vigilant and inspect all available facilities in a timely manner if possible. There will be no forgiveness – the enemy army must be destroyed on Ukrainian soil to the last invader”.