Two filtration prisons were spotted near Mariupol

Скріншот з Гугл

Two filtration prisons were spotted near Mariupol. The first filtration prison was discovered in the village of Olenivka on the basis of the former Ienakiieve penal colony No 52 (Donetsk region). This is where former law enforcement officers, pro-Ukrainian activists and journalists are being held.

A second filtration prison was spotted in the same village of Olenivka, which exists on the basis of the former Volnovakha Correctional Colony № 120.

Petro Andriushchenko, adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, reported about it in his Telegram channel.

“Judging by the information, this is where the “unreliable” are kept before sentencing or filtering. Those who simply turned out to be suspicious and do not belong to the above categories. It is here that more than 20 volunteers were detained, who carried out the removal of Mariupol residents during the evacuation,” the mayor’s adviser wrote.

Almost all volunteers currently in correctional facility No 120 received certificates from the Ukrainian Red Cross.

“And now it is clear why the so-called DNR launched a program to discredit the Red Cross. To avoid accusations of arresting their volunteers,” Andriushchenko explained.

That is, there are two filtration concentration camps in Olenivka, not one. Both were empty as of February 24, 2022.