Another 100 victims, winter without heating, houses not for Mariupol residents: Mariupol chronicles

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The occupiers are not going to heat Mariupol in winter

There will be no heating in the temporarily occupied Mariupol in winter, despite statements from the occupying authorities, the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol Petro Andryushchenko reported on Telegram

Earlier, the “interim authorities” announced that they would restore the boiler house. Now the heads of the committees of self-organization of the population have been instructed to urgently collect data on the needs of firewood and coal, primarily in private homes, even gasified ones. 

Andryushchenko added that such a situation is “not even due to the reluctance of the occupiers.” 

“All boiler houses in Mariupol have long been modernized and converted to a single type of fuel – natural gas. It is impossible to restore the gas supply to Mariupol by repairing it due to huge damage to the pipeline: both the main and the ones in the houses. The supply of gas threatens to turn the city into an explosive”, the mayor’s adviser said. 

He explained that using or rebuilding boilers for another type of fuel, the solid one, is unrealistic until winter. Regarding the possible “Plan B” of the occupiers, Andryushchenko noted that the most probable is pushing for deportation to Russia in the coming months.

Sea port is the main occupiers’ priority in Mariupol 

In Mariupol, the invaders are trying to rebuild the seaport as soon as possible. It will house the main fuel storage for the needs of the Russian military, as well as speed up the export of rolled metal, grain, and coal as well as the import of fuel and military equipment. The plans of the occupiers were announced by Vitaliy Khotsenko, Gauleiter of the occupied Donetsk region, the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol Petro Andryushchenko reported on Telegram

“The port is the top priority. The main fuel storage for military needs will be located in Mariupol port. With the use of the railway, this will significantly reduce the logistics for the occupiers to the front line”, Andryushchenko reports. 

It is planned to restore the port in the first decade of July. The general logistics for export from Mariupol, is scrap metal, grain, and coal, and for import – fuel and military equipment in the first place.” 

To ensure the protection of the port, the Russians occupied the entire first line of private houses in the area of ​​Pishchany beach (adjacent to the port) exclusively by the military,” the mayor’s adviser added.

“No” to houses for people

It is reported that there will be no restoration of buildings. Houses near the Azov market for workers of the military transport base, a dormitory in the area of ​​AS-2 for the homeless, a total of 5 thousand seats. 

“For all the rest, the answer is that the road to Russia is open until the winter,” Andryushchenko added. 

Doctors in the City Hospital №9 

There is a catastrophic shortage of doctors in the Primorsky District of Mariupol in the City Hospital №9. In the area where 30,000 people live, there are only 2 doctors taking patients – a therapist and a gynecologist.

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New dead bodies

According to Andryushchenko, the city continues to dismantle the rubble of houses. In the Left bank district, more than 100 bodies of victims of the Russian bombing were found under the rubble of the house. 

“The bodies are still under the debris. The occupiers do not plan to seize and bury them. Exhumation continues. Priority is given to schoolyards and kindergartens. After exhumation, the pits are treated against the smell. No processing is carried out on the streets and in the yards after exhumations”, the adviser to the mayor writes.

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