Mariupol chronicles: Preparation for the “referendum”, deprivation of property rights


Conclusions on the Drama Theater attack

Mariupol, which was destroyed and occupied by the Russian invaders, announced that the “investigation” in the Drama Theater was over. Petro Andryushchenko, adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, informed about this in his Telegram channel. Russian investigative group reported that the destruction in the Drama Theater was caused by the Ukrainian military: “This is an explosion from within the Ukrainian army.”

They also reported that only 14 people, who were in the basement, died. And the dead body smell appeared due to the hidden stock of rotting fish.

In my opinion, this is a real information crime, for which the perpetrators should bear criminal responsibility together with the bombers and the leadership of Russia,” the mayor’s advisor concludes.

Winter without heating

Russian construction workers who were brought to the occupied Donetsk region to rebuild Mariupol, while intoxicated, said that the plans of the Russian Federation for the city had changed.

As expected, all the talks about massive renovations and constructions turned out to be a farce and a show for deceived Mariupol residents and stupid Russians. High-rise buildings will not be repaired, not even to mention the private housing,” said Petro Andryushchenko said.

According to Andryushchenko, the Russians are no longer going to restore Mariupol. There are two reasons – the refusal of the builders to go to the city, where the situation can change at any moment, and the occupiers’ fears about the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces. He also emphasized that despite Russian propaganda, which tries to pretend that the city is returning to normal life, there are actually very few local residents left. According to the Russians’ plans for the winter, those who remained in the city will be gathered in groups in some rooms and heated with some heaters.

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Preparation for the “referendum”

Russians have again started collecting personal data of Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied Mariupol. This time the reason was “collection of applications for housing restoration”. This is how the invaders are preparing for the “referendum”, which, according to new instructions from Moscow, should be staged at the end of July and the beginning of August.

In order to prepare for the referendum, the occupiers started a new wave of personal data collection under the guise of another collection of applications for housing restoration. This is already the third wave of collecting applications under this pretext. The activation and renewal is related to new plans/instructions from the Russian curators to move the date of the “referendum” to the end of July-beginning of August,” the mayor’s advisor said.

Also, according to the advisor to the mayor of Mariupol, the invaders are preparing for “mobilization” in the destroyed and occupied city.

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Stolen medical equipment

Modern medical equipment stolen from the hospitals of occupied Mariupol appeared in the temporarily occupied Yasynuvata Donetsk region as a gift from the governor of Russia’s Chelyabinsk region. Petro Andryushchenko, adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, reported in his Telegram channel.

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Deprivation of ownership of real estate

In temporarily occupied Mariupol, according to the decision of the self-proclaimed “authority”, all citizens of Ukraine are deprived of the right to have their own real estate.

“As of today, all citizens of Ukraine are deprived of the right to property in Mariupol by decision of the occupation authorities. If it’s not registered with the banana authorities of the banana republic. In fact, the next few days will be “nationalization!” of the survivor and will be resettled according to warrants. That is, it was ours, it became someone else’s. That’s what it is, “maneuverable housing,” Andryushchenko wrote.