Podcast: Monthly Russian Narratives. Navalnya, Ukrainian Victories and Macron.

The Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group’s (UCMC) analysts convene to delve into the realms of Russian disinformation, propaganda, and the influence of hybrid warfare in 2024. In these succinct podcast episodes, the team explores recent observations and analyses, sharing expert opinions and conclusions on the prevailing challenges within the information sphere today.

EP – Monthly Russian Narratives: Macron, Navalnya & Ukrainian Victories

Macron under fire: How propaganda is reacting to the news France could send troops to Ukraine, Yulia Navalnya and her prospects as Russian opposition and How Russia diminishes Ukrainian victories on the frontlines.

Podcast Host: Matt Wickham, HWAG analyst
Speaker (in order) Matt Wickham, Volodymyr Solovian, Anton Khimiak