The Russians offer to get “education documents” in the ORDO

© Людмила Денiсова, Уповноважена ВРУ з прав людини

Commissioner for Human Rights Liudmyla Denisova spoke about: The occupiers are resuming studies in Mariupol in the destroyed school and with the prospect of obtaining “education documents” of pseudo-state formation in the ORDO.

 According to the city hall, the Mariupol comprehensive school of I-III grades has opened № 65.  To provide educational services, a small part of the school was allocated, which houses 9 classes of 35-45 children of different ages in each.  Teaching is carried out in russian and according to the russian program.

  “The school building itself was partially destroyed, the windows were broken.  Due to damage, there is no stable power supply.  It is provided by only one generator.  Children are not provided with food”, – said Denisova.

 The work of the school was partially restored by the efforts of parents of students.  They were forced to cover the windows with film, remove garbage to create the illusion of order for children.

According to her, the network is spreading information that a russian shell detonated on the territory of the school, on which a 12-year-old boy exploded.

 Thus, the school building is currently unsuitable for accepting students within its walls.  Restoring the school could endanger the lives and health of children.

 The occupiers also assure students that they will be able to obtain documents on the education of a pseudo-state self-proclaimed entity in the ORDO and offer to enter russian universities that are in economically depressed regions and are not in demand by russian citizens.

 The actions of the occupiers violate Articles 29 and 38 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which stipulate that the child’s education should be aimed at fostering respect for the child’s parents, cultural identity, language and national values.  also a violation of the duty to protect children affected by armed conflict.