RusPropaganda’s Weekly Rhetoric – TOPIC: Israel-Gaza conflict

Alexsandr Dugin, Russia ‘philosopher’, dubbed ‘Putin’s brain’, and history distorter

The West and their ‘distorted’ religion

The escalation of Israel’s war with Palestine will undoubtedly consolidate the Islamic world. However, a society of deep atheism [in the West], materialism, legalization of all types of perversions, which has long abandoned theology and traditional values (and orientations) cannot be considered either Christian or Jewish. 

Russia argues that the West isn’t truly a religious society, citing its focus on equal rights, democracy, and LGBTQ+ rights. In contrast, Russia presents itself as a defender of traditional values, aligning with the Orthodox Church. Recent cases of church corruption and child abuse, such as a priest’s imprisonment in December 2021, suggest that these values can be a propagated narrative rather than a reflection of reality.

Blame Game

The Palestinian conflict with Israel was not the front line of a conflict of civilizations. But now it has become one. Just like the tensions between Russia and Ukraine, they were of a regional nature, until the Kyiv Nazis were supported by the West. And then the war in Ukraine became the front of a global confrontation between multipolarity and unipolarity. 

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine transformed what was once considered a regional conflict into a large-scale war. The situation took a global turn the moment Putin ordered the attack on Ukraine, accompanied by threats of nuclear annihilation if the West intervened. Prior to the invasion, Western nations had made it clear to Russia that they would not tolerate its disregard for international laws or its attempts to impose its will on other nations.

Trump the savior. Only he shall save us from this apocalypse

Perhaps only the arrival of Trump in the United States or the beginning of a full-fledged civil war there can save the world from the Apocalypse, or at least postpone it. Democrats, globalists and neocons are leading humanity straight into the abyss. 


While Dugin portrays Trump as a savior for peace, it’s important to note that Trump’s administration withdrew from significant international agreements like the Iran deal and employed provocative rhetoric in conflicts with North Korea and Iran. In contrast, Russian elites and propagandists have, during the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, at times advocated for nuclear strikes on Ukraine and Western nations, challenging the notion of Russia as a peacekeeper.

Alexei Chadaev, Russian ‘journalist’ AKA RUSpropagandist

Finger pointing at the West

You are a teenager from Gaza, the eighth son in the family. Food comes either from the meager income of parents, who survive on some odd jobs, or from humanitarian aid distributed at mosques. […]And beyond the fence, literally a few kilometers away, there is a music festival where rich white people came to dance. A parking lot full of cars. The women are beautiful, half naked. […] Well, how will you behave if you suddenly manage to crawl over this fence with something that cuts or shoots in your hands? What is the conclusion from this? Yes, looking at their “civilization,” they are animals, not people. But who and why created this “menagerie”?

The U.S. and Israel share a longstanding alliance based on cultural, religious, and strategic bonds. However, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is multifaceted, and the presence of Hamas in Gaza, designated as a terrorist organization by the U.S., complicates the situation. In the context of a specific episode of the conflict, it’s essential to note that U.S. naval movements occurred in response to Hamas’s attack on Israel. In this case, responsibility for the actions can be attributed to the attacking side, Hamas. 

Sergei Marden (Klyuchenkov) Radio host and RUSpropagandist

On a better option for real-estate… Siberia. Without doubt there will be no Nuclear cloud there…and food
“If I were those optimists who are still looking at buying real estate in Dubai, I would rather take a closer look at apartments in Irkutsk, Tobolsk and Gorno-Altaisk. The radioactive cloud is unlikely to reach Siberia. Kemerovo is still a great investment.”


Marden raised the specter of a potential nuclear conflict, emphasizing that Israel might resort to nuclear weapons, and suggesting a risk of World War III. However, the likelihood of a nuclear conflict remains low. Russia appears to be using this narrative to justify its threats of nuclear terrorism and to highlight double standards in international norms. It’s crucial to note that Israeli government officials have not publicly discussed or called for the use of nuclear weapons.

Armen Gasparyan, Radio host and RUSpropagandist

Russian double-standards

“Yes, the situation is very dramatic, because if you listen to the Israel’s defense minister, he said Israel is fully ready to commit genocide. […] And the international community is remaining silent. People are dying on both sides, and not even a whisper even at the European Council or the United Nations level.”


RUSpropagandists are working to downplay their involvement of the genocidal policy towards Ukraine. They are attempting to present Russia as a nation that follows international laws and the west as not. In fact, the European Union responded by convening an emergency meeting, paying tribute, a solemn moment, to the victims, and demanding the immediate release of hostages. This conflict is of concern to many EU member countries, especially due to its impact on their citizens.

Russia the peacekeeper, Russia wears the white hat…

“This is the gravest failure of all international politics. And the worst thing is that only Russia is aware of this. Only Russia is calling people to come to their senses.”


This war highlights intelligence failures, even in agencies like MOSSAD. Gasparyan calls for peace talks, akin to post-atrocities in Ukraine. Yet, there comes a point of no return after such acts, as in Ukraine after Russia’s executions in Bucha. The line for most RUSpropagandists is to support  Palestine as a sovereign state, to ease suffering, and initiate peace talks before escalation, but this narrative is a mere simplification (as always by propaganda) of a incredibly complex issue

The radicals and…Hamas

“I spoke to Israelis today. The degree of radicalism there is extreme. The statements I heard today were worthy of the gallows at the Nuremberg Military Tribunal.” 


Following Hamas’s extreme and unforgivable acts, including the execution of unarmed civilians, even infants, it is understandable that the Israeli state, which has suffered its most significant loss in 75 years and faces a hostile neighbor intent on their destruction, would express strong condemnation and call for the extermination of the regime controlling Gaza.

Ramzan Kadyrov, leader of the Chechen Republic

Make us the peacekeepers!

“We support Palestine and are firmly against this conflict, which, unlike other conflicts, has the potential to escalate into a larger crisis. If necessary, our units are prepared to act as a peacekeeping force to restore order and address any troublemakers.”


The notion of Chechens serving as peacemakers is implausible, particularly given Russia’s warm ties with Iran, enhanced during the war in Ukraine. Under unforgiving leaders like Kadyrov, Chechens have a brutal reputation. Kadyrov, in his address, assigns blame to the West for potentially worsening the regional situation. This address is nothing more than a political show.

Sergey Mikheyev, Politician, Radio host and RUSpropagandist

Calls for tactical nukes?

“If attempts are made to assign blame to Iran, it could lead to calls for a tactical strike on Iran, potentially igniting a third world war. And considering Zelensky’s recent statements fully blaming Russia, the next calls on for a [tactical nuclear] strike against Russia could be voiced.”


Ukraine does not possess nuclear weapons, so for any strike on Russia to occur, it would need to involve a third party not currently at war with Russia. The U.S. and the West have been extremely cautious in their assistance to Ukraine to avoid triggering a nuclear confrontation with Russia, a nuclear power. Plus such statements do not align with Western requirements, which do not allow strikes within Russian territory using the weapons provided to Ukraine.

Pack your bags!
“As Israel talks about using nuclear weapons, it might be time to take action and leave, as it will not be like what we have in Russia, with the prolonged humanitarian discussions where we often hear how we must act humanely. There will be none of that there [in Israel]. Pack your bags and get out of there.”


This aligns with the broader pattern of Russian propaganda, which aims to escalate the situation to sow chaos, not only in the region but also on a global scale concerning the Israel-Gaza-Palestine issue.

Soviet Style – Much harder to knock down

“If you look at the current military operation between us (Russia) and Ukraine, you can see that the Soviet Khrushchev panel buildings are much sturdier than those in the Gaza sector and Israel. If Israel indeed goes on a full-scale offensive, it could turn Gaza into an actual graveyard.”


While it is accurate that Gaza could be extensively damaged following Israel’s military operations to target Hamas in the region, this is partly due to Hamas’s practice of using civilian areas, schools, and hospitals as shields, where they position their air defense and military installations. It’s also essential to recall that in Russia’s efforts to capture Mariupol, significant destruction occurred, resulting in the loss of thousands of innocent lives.

Weapons Delivery from??

“In photos and videos, there’s a conspicuous presence of American weapons in the hands of Palestinian fighters. The origin and accumulation of these weapons raise questions.”


There are allegations that weapons captured by Russia were subsequently provided to Hamas, potentially to create a narrative that Ukraine’s weapons had made their way into the black market. This could be used to highlight Ukrainian corruption issues and harm future weapon deliveries to Ukraine.