Russians Use Fakes to Lure the Residents of Mariupol Back to the City

Another tactic Russian occupiers are using in Mariupol: they spread fake news to lure the residents back to the city and exploit them as slave labor or use them as a human shield.

Mariupol City Council reports this on Telegram saying the invaders are circulating fake lists of addresses of houses that are allegedly going to be either demolished or repaired. This is not true, as some completely destroyed houses are not on the list, while some undamaged buildings are in the “To be demolished” section.

In this way, the occupiers are manipulating people into returning to Mariupol to either save their belongings or to live in their house that is supposedly going to be repaired. The goal is to later exploit civilians as slave labor and to use them as a human shield for the Russian army to hide behind when the Armed Forces of Ukraine begin to liberate the city.