Shady Horses of Russian Propaganda: César Vidal

The project Shady Horses delves into investigating Russian propaganda dissemination within Western countries through prominent individuals often referred to as “talking heads.” By analyzing the influence and messaging of these figures, the project seeks to shed light on the tactics employed to spread Russian narratives, their impact on public opinion, and potential connections to foreign organizations.

A Spanish writer and radio host, César Vidal Manzanares, caught our attention with his controversial views and “to put it mildly” specific position on many issues. Vidal’s pro-Russian position, known for his far-right views, has been the subject of interest among academics and critics.

He actively plays along with all possible Russian narratives directed against Ukraine, the United States and Europe. There are also fakes about bio laboratories, the scale of destruction, and, in general, the nature of this war.

Being a well-educated and productive opinion leader, he undermines trust in Ukraine among his listeners. Vidal falls into a similar trap as Noam Chomsky because his confidence in his criticality is a confirmation of his rightness.

Who is this person?

César Vidal, Spanish author, translator and radio host

Where are they from?

Spain but live in the US and have and citizenship

Political affiliation?

Far-right, anti-Islamic, anti-vaccinator, anti-catholic and other conspiracy theories

​​What has he been saying?

In the end you will understand it all. Francois Hollande admitted that after the 2014 coup d’état in Ukraine, they never thought about implementing the Minsk agreements, but only about arming Ukraine to confront Russia. Europe is paying dearly for the immorality of its leaders.

Israel released war numbers. Ukraine suffered 157,000 deaths, 234,000 wounded and 17,230 PoWs. Russia suffered 18,480 killed, 44,500 wounded and 323 PoWs. Are the scoundrels going to continue this war until the death of the last Ukrainian?

As long as these experiments with biochemical weapons can be carried out in Ukraine or another part of the world, we are under global threat. Russia has released the names of officials involved in American biological weapons laboratories in Ukraine.

That is, weapons are supplied to Ukraine at the expense of taxpayers, and Ukrainians sell them to Russia. And those who applauded Zelensky like cats… what do they say to that? Ah…they are with Big Pharma because of vaccines…okay…

“The dividing of Ukraine is inevitable. Russia cannot lose this war.” Another one (Professor Richard Sakwa, expert on Russian issues) who starts telling an inconvenient truth. The curtain is parting.

Ukraine has been stealing gas supplies from Russia for years, but the blowing up of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was carried out by NATO on Biden’s direct orders, as Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh revealed, so you already know who the European Union owes its energy ruin to.

Are you unaware that there was a coup in Ukraine in 2014, that since then Ukrainian nationalists have murdered thousands of civilians in the Donbass and that they have been stockpiling weapons of mass destruction aimed at Russia for years? Study and don’t make a fool of yourself.

In Russia there is much more of a democracy than in Ukraine and in several Latin American countries.